CWA Local 3205

Recent Updates:

the 2019 Ssp award payment will be $958.50. Payments for employees on the b1 pay cycle will be paid on nov 22, 2019 and for employees on the a1 pay cycle will be paid on nov 27, 2019. 


**Open enrollment for benefits has begun and runs to nov 15th. even if you do not plan on making any changes, please still go in and enroll to get the "confirmation number". **


ALL AT&T SOUTHEAST CONTRACTS HAVE BEEN RATIFIED!! SEE ARTICLE BELOW UNDER NEWS PERTAINING TO THE OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED RESULTS! the implementation letter from district 3 along with the implementation date schedule is posted below as well. 


Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia has announced that Northeast Georgia Health System has submitted a termination notice for all products, effective 10/01/2019. This termination notice impacts approximately 77 participants who have claims incurred with the provider within the last 12 months. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia continues to negotiate withNortheast Georgia Health System and is hopeful that an agreement will be reached. However, if an agreement is not reached, Northeast Georgia Health System will no longer be in network.

Participants may refer to the BCBS of Illinois Provider Finder site to locate a new in-network provider.

In addition, BCBS’s Full Service Unit is aware and prepared to address any member’s questions or concerns. They can be contacted at (800) 621-7336.


4th Quarter 2019 Surplus Declaration - AT&T Southeast

Accounting Assistant 2  (Atlanta)

Accounting Specialist  3  (Atlanta)

Special Assistant  1  (Atlanta)


Subject: 3rd Quarter 2019 Surplus Update

September 5, 2019

TO: AT&T SE Local President, District 3 Staff & Secretaries

FROM: Billy O'Dell, Administrative Director to the Vice-President

SUBJ: 3rd Quarter 2019 Surplus Update

District 3 was notified by Labor Relations this morning that changes were being made to the 3rd quarter surplus.

TFS has canceled the remainder of the 3rd quarter surplus of STs and FTs, meaning anyone in those titles who was going off payroll is no longer surplus and will not be leaving the payroll. Employees who have already been granted options and SIPP ready takers will not be affected, the Company considers those options to be in effect. The reason given for canceling the remainder of the surplus is the volume of ST and FT work in TFS has increased. 

C&E has moved the off payroll date for the 3rd quarter surplus to November 23, 2019. The date was moved as a result of delaying the Master Ranking Sheet deadline for all surplus employees to August 23. The reason provided for continuing on with the C&E surplus was the capital budget was not increased. Surplussed C&E employees will receive another surplus coverage meeting which will require new bump lists. The Company will include 4th quarter SIPP ready takers as options for surplus employees.

In Unity

cc: Richard Honeycutt, Vice-President, CWA District 3
Nick Hawkins, Assistant to the Vice-President
Angie Wells, Administrative Director to the Vice-President
Robert M. Weaver, District 3 Counsel





Take Action

AT&T made big promises to create jobs if Congress passed a big tax cut for corporations. But instead of creating jobs, AT&T continues to cut jobs, and the company is stonewalling workers who want a fair contract that keeps jobs in our communities. It's time for Congress to launch an investigation to find out what happened to the billions of dollars of our money that they gave away to AT&T and other corporations that are cutting jobs.

We need to let Congress know that keeping American workers employed and our communities strong should be their top priority.

Recent News

It is my pleasure to announce that the AT&T SE bargaining unit has voted to ratify their Contracts.

I would like to thank all of our members for taking the time to vote on these TA’s and all of you who participated in the mobilization efforts. Special thanks to the Bargaining Team for your dedication to our CWA Members and your hard work.

MSC is currently the only title in Skill Group 2 - so there are no other employees available to populate a Family of Skills bump list if a MSC is declared surplus.