AT&T Bargaining - CWA Opening Statements

June 25, 2019

Yesterday, CWA District 3 and AT&T Southeast officially opened 2019 contract negotiations.  We are bargaining three different southeast labor contracts simultaneously, which cover over 22,000 employee's from BellSouth Telecommunications, Utility Operations, and BellSouth Billing Inc.  Members across District 3 participated in numerous actions of solidarity across the District, through informational pickets and public displays of support for our bargaining teams.  CWA District 3 Vice-President Richard Honeycutt kicked off negotiations with his opening remarks which are listed below.  Following Vice-President Honeycutt's remarks, District 3 Retired Members Council (RMC) President Rita Scott issued her opening remarks which are also listed below.  Collectively, our Union sent a strong message to AT&T's corporate executives in Dallas Texas, that CWA members in District 3 are prepared to do whatever it takes to gain a fair and just contract. 

PDF icon District 3 VP Richard Honeycutt's Opening Statement

PDF icon Retiree Members Council President Rita Scott's Opening Statement