Material Service Coordinator (MSC) TA Q&A

MSC is currently the only title in Skill Group 2 - so there are no other employees available to populate a Family of Skills bump list if a MSC is declared surplus.


+By adding the MSC to Skill Groups 3 & 9, it allows the possibility for the lower rated Field Services Technician to be listed on the MSCs Family of Skills bump list if the MSC is declared surplus.


+It provides the MSCs who request SIPP a much greater chance of receiving SIPP.

The additional steps added in the Tentative Agreement to SIPP in Article 7 allow a surplus employee the ability to 'ready take' someone in any org unit, within 35 miles. So this greatly increases the likelihood of a MSC SIPP Ready Taker receiving SIPP if someone in a technician title is declared surplus.


+The changes to Optional ESIPP (Art 8.03) again will allow more opportunity for a MSC Ready Taker to receive SIPP, as it will be any org unit, equal or lower level, in their Family of Skills, in their state.


- Some MSCs may see the addition of their title to Skill Group 3 & 9 as a negative, because it creates the possibility they could appear on the Family of Skills bump list for other titles in those Skill Groups. However, the likelihood of that happening seems to be small, based on the seniority of the MSCs. There are far more technicians in Skill Groups 3 & 9 with less seniority than most MSCs, so in nearly all cases the Company would create a Family of Skills bump list with another technician, based on seniority, not the more senior MSCs.